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In this dental practice, we have tried to make things as comfortable as possible for you, paying attention to a number of small things.

When you come into our rooms,  there is no "dental" smell. We avoid all the old-fashioned materials that have strong smells.  Instead, we make use of warmed aromatic oils to provide a pleasant aroma. Our current favourite is French Vanilla!

We always have music playing in the background, mostly classical but with a mix of oldies and more up-beat songs too.
For a little extra interest,  we play our music through an old-style valve amplifier,  with the valves exposed and glowing!  
As a small puzzle,  we have a latin inscription in large gold lettering around the wall.  Many people ask us for the meaning in english;  it is a quote from a german philosopher.

Instead of plain tissues,  we provide you with aloe-vera treated tissues.


We have recently introduced a video screen which plays relaxing videos of various scenes, such as ocean life,  hot air ballons, gliding in the Alps, and polar bear cubs - here's a photo;

We also have several sizes of neck- and back-support cushions,  for those who need a little extra support.

We also offer coffee, mint tea, or if you're really good - hot chocolate - to your partner or anyone else who may be waiting for you!





 If you are unhappy about anything, please let us know, and we will do our utmost to address the problem as rapidly as possible.